The ST171 features 1296V x 728H resolution with 1/7-inch optical format, and 4-transistor pixel structure for high image quality and low noise variations. It delivers superior image quality by chip design of a 10-bit ADC and embedded image signal processor.
The ST171 performs a huge range of on-chip image processing functions of black level compensation (BLC) and so on.
The ST171 video output size formats are 1296(H) x 728(V). Output data formats as 10 bits Bayer RGB formats. Those advanced features including X/Y image flip and image effects can be easily controlled and programmed through a simple I2C interface.
Key Specification
Parameter Typical Value
Optical Format 1/7-inch
Pixel Size 1.75um x 1.75um
Image Area 2268 um (H) x 1274 um (V), 2601um Diagonal
Video Format 1296H x 728V
Output Data Format 10 bit RGB Bayer
ADC Resolution 10bit ADC
Sensitivity 0.82V/Lux?Sec
Maximum Frame Rate HD 30fps @ 64MHz PCLK
Maximum Master Clock 72 MHz
Main Operation Minimum Clock 24 MHz
Operating Temperature -20 ~ 70 ℃
Dynamic Rage 59dB
SNR 39dB
Dark Signal 5mV/Sec @ 60℃
Supply Voltage Core 1.8V
Analog 2.8V
I/O 1.8V ~ 2.8V
Package-Type NeoPAC