The ST77A features 640V x 480H resolution with 1/7-inch optical format, and 4-transistor pixel structure for high image quality and low noise
variations. It delivers superior image quality by powerful on-chip design of a 10-bit ADC, and embedded image signal processor.
The full scale integration of high-performance and low-power functions makes the ST77A best fit the design, reduce implementation process.
The ST77A performs a huge range of on-chip image processing functions of auto exposure, auto black level compensation, 5x5 matrix interpolation, gamma correction, lens shading correction and so on. It delivers optimized and superb image quality with greater flexibility to designers.
It incorporates on-chip camera functions of sub-sampling, windowing that generates such various output size formats as VGA, CIF and output data formats as Bayer, and Y formats. Those advanced features including X/Y image flip can be easily controlled and programmed through a simple I2C interface.
Key Specification
Parameter Typical Value
Optical Format 1/7-inch
Pixel Size 3.2um x 3.2um
Image Area 2.08mm (H) x 1.57mm (V), 2.61mm Diagonal
Video Format 640H x 480V
Output Data Format Y, and 8bit Bayer
Output Display Format VGA(640x480), CIF(352x288)
User Define Window
ADC Resolution 10bit ADC
Sensitivity 3.2 V/Lux*sec
Maximum Frame Rate 30fps @ VGA, 27MHz MCLK
Maximum Master Clock 27MHz
Operating Temperature -20 ~ 60℃
Dynamic Rage 55 dB
SNR 42 dB
Dark Signal 7 mV/Sec
Supply Voltage Core 1.6V ~ 2.0V
Analog 2.4V ~ 2.9V
I/O 1.8V ~ 2.9V
Package-Type 48-CLCC, COB, Neopac